Jason Williams
Jason does not like it when small businesses are stuck in neutral or worse regressing.

His mission is to deliver simplified systems for video creation. These systems provide businesses the skills to create a greater impact for themselves. Several types of videos can be created to generate brand growth and sales. A few examples are brand videos, product demonstrations, and video ads.

For fifteen years Jason worked in paid program television. He established shooting style guidelines, editing style guidelines, and distribution guidelines for a nationally televised show. His experiences also include independent films and commercial production.

The projects Jason produced include a wide range of duties in all phases of video production. In these vastly diverse experiences, Jason developed the skills to identify problems and solutions for video creation.

Jason's biggest desire is to simplify the video creation process to deliver measurable results.

About Kickball Media
What is Kickball Media?

Kickball Media is a membership site to help streamline the video creation process. Members are given strategies, tips, and guidance to eliminate wasted time creating videos.

Why are videos important for a business?

Imagine you are asleep. A Prospective customer clicks play on your product or service video. They found the video on social media, your website, or YouTube. The top benefits of your product or service are being shown to the world.

Then that viewer hits "Buy Now".

You now have a new customer.

This all happened while you were sleeping, working, or on vacation. That is one of the many benefits of creating videos for your brand.

How does the Kickball Media Membership work?

The work starts with identifying individual goals for each business. These goals must be measurable to achieve success.

After goals are established the next objective is to decide what video to create. In the creation process, the Kickball Media member is given instructions to create an easily scalable system for repeated success.

Do new Kickball Media members need to have ideas to create videos?

New community members may absolutely bring their own video ideas. Community members may also be assisted with methods to craft new ideas.

If a community member needs to go a step further we can help connect members to a professional copywriter. [P.S. This is an outside service not directly a part of the Kickball Media Membership. We can point you in the right direction to a trustworthy professional.]

How technical is the process of creating videos?

The video creation process is tailored to each member's desired outcome. Members may start with the basics of using a smartphone. Other members may jump right in to hire a full professional crew.

We will discuss the step-by-step solution that fits individual member needs.

If a community member desires to hire video production professionals we can help. [P.S. This is an outside service not directly a part of the Kickball Media Membership. We can point you in the right direction to trustworthy professionals.]

Why is there an application process to join the Kickball Media Membership?

This is a professional service.

There is a lot of care given to tailor the program to every member.

Only small businesses that want to grow their business, generate more leads, and enjoy more free time should apply.

These are just a few of the benefits of the Kickball Media Membership.
  • Diagnose business problems that videos can address.
  • Match ideas to customer needs.
  • Define clear measurable goals.
  • Simplify the video creation process.
  • Provide tactics to compress production timelines.
  • Adapt the program to the skill levels of each member.
  • Create a system for repeated success.
  • Professional video production coaching.
  • Connecting with video professionals. (Optional upon request.)
Start your journey by creating videos that grow your brand.