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From experience, I've learned that there is a deeper need to understand the video creation process. I've worked with clients and friends creating product videos, TV shows, and independent films.

Many of the conversations start with how do we do "X, Y, or Z"?

Sometimes the questions are technical.

  • "How do we shoot multi-camera?"

Other times the questions are about the creative.

  • "What should the story be about to sell the product?"

Often questions are about strategy.

  • "How do I use video to drive more traffic to my website?"

The objective is to create courses that help make your life easier.
The course would provide you with time to focus on the business tasks that you desire.

I plan on creating a collection of courses that are both big and small depending on the subject matter. The scope of each course is dependent on the challenges of your unique situation and the complexity of the topic.

My focus is to merge both video creation processes and business objectives to create courses that create measurable results.

For over sixteen years I've been creating client work and independent films. In both instances, I've grown quite a lot in my understanding of the craft of video production. With an idea for a video, I can help guide the project from the script creation through distribution.

The biggest challenge that I'm trying to conquer is to help you shape your idea into a video.

What are those ideas you need help with?

This is why I created a survey. By filling out the survey I can pinpoint common challenges to address.

Every business has different needs, yet some have similar challenges. This is why the survey will help guide us both toward better solutions.

This process is not for everyone.
This course will not be a deep dive into technology.


  • The courses will NOT include the hottest new cameras, drones, and other types of gear.

  • The courses will NOT include the best editing software features.

  • The courses will NOT be focused on fancy Hollywood movie techniques.

The courses will include the fundamentals of technology and techniques when appropriate.

Developing the best ideas is the most important part of the process.

Creating great ideas leads to more results. Too much technology can bog down the process.

You might be saying, "I'm a business owner and I don't have time to create videos."

That is true. We can't do everything in our business. And sometimes we have higher priorities that take up our time.

Do you have any employees that would benefit from the courses? The employees can finish the courses. They would be able to create videos to meet your business objectives.

What if you are a solo entrepreneur and eager to create videos yourself?

These courses can help you as well. They will help you shape the ideas that fit your business.

If you have clear business goals then we should start communicating.

The more I understand your business challenges the better I can craft a course for you.

What is most valuable to you right now?
  • Save time?

  • Make money?

  • Improve the skills of your employees?

  • Hire someone to create videos for your business?

The goal is to create specific courses that fit the greatest needs based on survey responses. Please fill out the survey so I can begin to deliver the desired results.

This course will be FREE.
The first course will be short and pinpoint individual problems based on the survey results.

The free course option will be available for you to finish in your own time. I can't say what will all go into the course because I need responses from the surveys.

All that fill out the survey will be sent a course link when the first course is ready.


There will be a FREE Pilot Training Program.
In addition to the free course, there will be a FREE Pilot Training Program for a limited number of applicants. There is an application process to make sure the program fits your business needs.

The training program will include many features and benefits.
Many features are being considered for inclusion in the training program. The survey responses will shape the training program features. Many features are up for consideration.

Training Program Features (optional)
  • Weekly live training.

  • Templates for download.

  • Private coaching conversations.

  • Forums to discuss your triumphs and challenges.

  • And many other features.

How much time will it take to complete a course or training program?

Time is completely relative to the complexity of the course material. I plan on making multiple courses and testing each individual pilot program.

To start, I will release one course and one training program.

The first course will be selected based on the biggest need from survey responses.

Is there a catch? Why are you doing this for free?

The catch is that I ask students to finish the course and provide feedback. I am open to actionable constructive feedback to create the best course possible.

After the course is complete I will request testimonials. I need to deliver a great result first before requesting testimonials. Testimonials are not guaranteed. I must earn them by providing a great result to you.

I believe the most valuable aspect of the process is the intention. My goal is to not sell something by pushing an offer in your face. After the first course and training program is completed I will update the course based on feedback. The updated course and program will be for sale in the future.

How long will this offer last?

I recommend responding soon. I plan to start creating the first course soon. The first course and training program will be released as soon as possible.

After the first course, I will need some time to plan the second course.

EVERYONE should fill out the survey FIRST.
If you wish to try the course and/or the training program fill out the survey first.

This provides me with the details to start creating the course and training program.

You do not need to fill out the application form to receive the free course.
The course will be sent to all that responded to the survey when the course is completed. Eventually, the survey will be closed when I receive enough responses.

Fill out the survey today to not miss out.

Here is the application link again.
If you wish to apply for the training program fill out the application form.

Join me on this journey to make something spectacular for all of us.

Jason Williams